17 thoughts on “Preguntas

  1. Here we don´t let the dogs eat the homework, so i guess you should find another excuse… for not doing homework… a better one 😉

  2. @ Bea Gracias por la respuesta!

    @ Bazz, Hola! I am happy to hear you enjoy learning Spanish. It is a very fun language! What has been your favourite thing to learn so far?

    Senorita Murphy

  3. hola amigos
    como es grande que usted tiene su propio blog me gastun las cosas
    divertdtas que se presente en nuestro blog

  4. Dear Senorita Murphy,
    For dessert at my graduation dinner we had:
    Espanol Mantecado de Canela y Figuritas Mazapan!
    Thankyou for teaching me this year. Enjoy your holiday.
    From Cass!

  5. Hi Cass,

    That sounds lovely! Wow… I wish I had known I would have come to your house for dinner 😉

    You are most welcome for teaching you, you were a delight to teach and I will miss you next year. Please come back and visit us… por favor. What language will you be taking up next year?

    Enjoy your holiday and best of luck preparing for secondary school!
    Señorita Murphy

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