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In term one and the start of term two, we have been learning food so that we can join our friends on the Lunchbox Project. This is a global language and cultural awareness project. We missed most of this project because we didn’t start our LOTE classes until part way through the term, but we did learn a lot from other schools’ posts and we are going to continue to participate in our own way.

We will be recording our lunchboxes on Tuesday the 17th of May to share with our friends in Spain and we are hoping they will share their lunches back with us. We will record our lunches in English and in Spanish, we still have some practice to do.

Here is an interesting slideshow on What the World Eats. Are there any Spanish speaking countries in this slideshow? What similarities or differences can you see in the food you eat every week?

We will load our own lunches soon, watch this space….

Lunchbox project from Mrs Murphy on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “LunchBox Project

  1. @ Zoe, yes this makes me hungry too! You did a fantastic job with your Spanish in the video. Bien hecho!

    @ Harriet, I am glad you like the lunchbox project, everyone did such a fantastic job.

    @Jhye, I know I am having a lot of fun teaching Spanish so it is good that you are having fun learning it too

  2. Hi it jessica from PLPS
    All of your luchboxs are yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    • Hola Claudia,

      Thank you for all your enthusiasm and hard work this term. Everyone has really put such an effort into their Spanish learning.

      Señorita Murphy

  3. Hola Todos,

    Yes all the lunchboxes looked yummy, delicioso!!!

    @ Mrs A, it would be fantastic to do the lunchbox project again this winter, but most of the schools that were involved are now on their summer holidays. But, leave it with me, perhaps with some creative thinking we can do something again. They all did such an excellent job with only a few weeks of learning Spanish, so imagine what they could do now with a term and half under their belt!

    Hasta Pronto,
    Señorita Murphy

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