It’s STORYTELLING TIME! In term 3 we have taken on the challenge of writing stories in Spanish. We first listened to and read some stories in Spanish. Then we worked in groups to make our very own stories. We have used a variety of websites and have been very creatively using technology to create our stories. What do you think?

Harry and Tamsyn
Tamsyn and Harry jpeg
Mac and AngusMac and Angus
Prep 1A:

Zara, Tessa and Maya:

Cassidy, Kelsey and Lara:

Sadie and Hannah:

Ethan, Sam R and Harry E:

Ella and Bethany:

Charlie and Ben:

Edmund, Henry and Charlie:

Bailey, Jachob, Samuel:

Amy and Isabel:
mi cumpleanos

Deano and Juddy:
Baloncesto: Deano Juddy

Lily and Grace:

Aidan T, Michael B, and Jak:
fear of brussel sprouts

Christian and Daniel:

Geordie, Ben and Oscar:

Amelia and Jo:
los animales

Jackson, Cody and Kane:

Lily and Grace:
My mum, My house, Me

Zara, Tessa, Maya

Paddy, Jack, Rafi

Nic and James:

Jaweira & Bethany:

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11 thoughts on “Cuentos

  1. hola mi nombre es Ella from plps i enjoy talking carl and talking tom the most.
    but i still enjoy the others as well.

  2. Hola,
    I enjoy talking tom and talking carl the most because talking tom is funny and talking carl is funny to but I think talking tom the funnist but I did enjoy the others too!

    • Hola Georgia,

      I don’t know if I have used UJAM with the grade 5/6s yet, but you can speak into it like Talking Carl/Tom and it puts a cool backing track to it and makes it sound like a professional song!

      Buenas Suerte,
      Se├▒orita Murphy

  3. Hola i already said what i like but i have a question about the apps i would like to use them on my i pod touch but i don’t know how to download them. Also my cousin has talking Gina the giraffe and that’s pretty cool so i recommend that you get that. I think Talking Tom is cute but Talking Carl is funny and he speaks gibberish.
    Adios! ­čÖé

  4. Hi Ella,

    Thanks for the comment.

    All the apps that are on the Apps we like page are all on the iTunes store. Most of them are free, but some of them are paid apps. Ask someone at home to download them to iTunes then all you have to do is plug in and sync them to your ipod touch.

    I will look into Gina the Giraffe that sounds very cool!
    Se├▒orita Murphy

    • Hi Amy,

      I agree. Everyone really did fantastic work! Such great stories and creative use of technology.

      I bet you didn’t think you would be able to write a story in Spanish at the start of the year?

      Well done all!
      Se├▒orita Murphy

  5. Hola amigos,
    We like the stories very much, everyone did such a fantastic job!
    We should all be very proud!
    From, Cass & Issy ­čśÇ

  6. @ Cass and Issy, you all worked so hard on your stories, you should be very proud of them!

    @ Jo, I am so excited that you are teaching your family Spanish. We may need to call you Se├▒orita Jo!

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