Noticias de señorita Lagos

Hola chicos:

We need to update our blog so I thought it would be a good idea to get languages online linked to it so you can practice your español, play games and learn lots of new palabras.

Soon, we will also start organising our next Fiesta Española to celebrate spanish culture from España and from América. That means we will have food and cultural activities from both sides of the Spanish world like from España, México, Cuba, Colombia, etc.

I am very pleased with all the students progress in Spanish and you all should be proud of how much you have learnt in the last few months.

Let’s continue the good work. Looking forward to our exciting celebrations.


Señorita Lagos

Spanish Fun in Term 2


We have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to have not only one, but two Spanish events happen this term.  First we got to go to Fairy Park to celebrate the Grimms Brother’s Fairy Tales.  The Fairy Tales were being taught in many different languages; German, French, Spanish and Italian.  We were one of three schools who were participating in the Spanish activities for the day.  We dressed up for the day and went on a fairy tale fact finding mission around the park.  We also saw a puppet show which was part in Spanish, saw a Spanish movement and dance performance, and listened to a French singer. We all got some pretty cool Spanish pins as well from the Spanish Embassy.

The second event was when a friend from the Department of Education in Spain came to visit and introduce us to some stories in Spanish along with typical food dishes from some Spanish speaking countries.  All the delicious dishes made us very hungry!  We then got to become Masterchefs and design our own menus and restaurants.  The best part was making a typical Spanish fruit dish called Pinchas with some dipping chocolate and 100’s and 1000’s.  They were delicious!  Our friends Rosa Prieto from the Spanish Embassy came back to visit us and we enjoyed speaking Spanish with her again.


What was your favourite activity?

What was the Spanish dish you would like to try the most?