Edublog award nominations

Every year the Edublog Awards celebrate the best of educational blogging around the world. Educational blogging has taken off worldwide and is a great way for teachers, students, and school communities to share their thoughts and resources with me. Here are just a few of the people that we would like to Nominate for Blogging Awards for their outstanding sharing and inspiring.

Best Student Blog: MEAOW @ Josie’s Blog:
Josie started blogging last year and in her first year of blogging wowed us all.  She not only was nominated for Best Student Blog, she came runner-up in the Edublog Awards 2012.  She has kept up her blog with enthusiasm gaining fans around the world. Her posts are always well thought out, engaging and beg you to join in the conversation.  What more could you ask from a Blog?  I look forward to seeing where this amazing little blogger blogs from in years to come!
New Blog: 3/4AB Lonnie:
These grade 3/4 students have very enthusiastically started up a new blog in Term 3 this year and we look forward to watching it grow and develop in the coming year.
Ed Tech Blog: Teach Gen Now:
Kat, Matt and Simon are three enthusiastic teachers from Victoria who come together to run PD’s as well as keep up with newsletters and resources for teachers.  Kathleen Morris is no stranger to the edublog awards winning multiple categories every year.  A gem!

Best Class Blog: Mr Avery’s Class Blog:

Mr Avery and his class of enthusiastic bloggers always share their amazing learning with the world.  I love checking in on what they are up to. Inspiring.

Best Teacher Blog: What Ed Said:

What I love most about Edna Sackson blogs and email updates is that she seems to share the exact thing I am looking for or need to hear at the exact time.  Thank you for all your sharing and inspiring!



Un fantastico Flash Mob!

Students at Pt Lonsdale Primary School had been plotting and planning to surprise their teachers with a flash mob! For 3 weeks they learned the song and dance, then it was time to hatch a plan.  Students organised a very cunning plan to attack during silent reading (only the grade 5/6s knew about the time though, so they even surprised the rest of the students!).  They were busy videoing, practicing their dance, organising leaders for dancing, organsing students to lead the song on the loudspeaker… then it was time to surprise the teachers! They did a great job!

Have you ever been part of a flash mob? What was the best part of the flash mob?


We are still practicing members of our family and how to introduce ourselves and them! Please click this link to practice some of our introductions.

We found this fantastic song, which has also been helping us.  So many students have loved it, that we are attempting to record our own version.  So please keep practicing and week 3 of Term 3 we will meet at lunch and record the Point Lonsdale version!

 Who is in your family?

How old are you?

So now that we are experts at our numbers in Spanish… let’s practice them in real life.  We have done a little bit of Spanish Maths… Maths seems to be more fun in Spanish.  Now we are practicing to say ‘How Old Are You?” and being able to answer with our age.

We learned a fun song to help us remember.

Where have you practiced your numbers?  When else do we use numbers everyday?


For most of the students at PLPS, counting to 10 (diez) in Spanish is very easy! The preps have picked it up rather quickly with some great help from their grade 1 expert amigos!  At the start of term 2, we will be challenging our counting skills by counting higher than 10 and learning to add and take-away in Spanish.  We will also be learning to say how old we are in Spanish.

+ = mas

– = menos

Have a review of your 1-10 numbers here:

Or start to challenge yourself up to 30 here.

What is the trickiest number for you?  Do you have any good tricks to learning your numbers?


Sometimes we feel more than “Muy bien!” or less than “muy bien!” so we have been practicing with a familiar song to learn some other feelings in Spanish…





Como Estas Hoy?