! Por fin!! I have finally been able to access the Blog so I would like to make a few comments. Gracias! to Max Plapp for sharing his wonderful photographs of Spain with the rest of the class. His comments were very interesting and we all learnt a lot about Dalí, bullfighting, Picos de Europa and Gaudí.
If you want to find out more about those things check them in internet and tell us all in your next class.
Also gracias!! to Anna Trewhella who made a great PowerPoint about shapes and other words in Spanish. That was very good also. Remember some of the words? Sol, nube? If you do, bring a picture of them for your next class.Now we should be able to share once again more news and interesting things in our blog. Saludos, señora Lagos.

Spanish Fiesta

“On Friday the 9th of December, Point Lonsdale Primary School had a Spanish Fiesta. We first has a Spanish themed community circle, then we had a word competition, and then we started our activities. There was Salsa dancing, there was map making, flag making, art and soccer.” – Tiff
“Mrs A and some parents helped cook tacoes. On my taco I got meat, lettuce, cheese, and chilli sauce. It was really yum and afterwards when I had finished my taco, I got some fruit punch and fruit kebab with caramel on top ot it. After that I was really full, but I still wanted some burritos so I fitted them in as well and the were delicious. All the food there was really nice. It was the best Spanish fiesta I will ever have.”- Harry G
“I really liked the Spanish fiesta because you went with different grades and you didn’t have to take your own lunch. My favourite part was the piñata because we got to get one lolly. I liked the salsa dancing and I liked the maps because I didn’t know where the stuff was from but now I know.” – Gabby




Our Amigos in Spain have returned to school and we are beginning a new project with them. We are all very excited, but we need to learn some directions for this project. So here are many of the fun ways we are learning it:

How do you remember your left from your right? Izquierda? Derecha?


The whole school has made a fantastic effort this term in our Cuentocuentas (Storytelling) project. We have taken on the challenge of writing stories in Spanish. We first listened to and read some stories in Spanish. Then we worked in groups to make our very own stories. We have used a variety of websites and have been very creatively using technology to create our stories. Senorita Murphy has been blown away by their final products, tell us what you think?
Please visit the Cuentos section of our blog and leave us a comment.

La Mochila

What’s in your backpack? The Prep/1’s made their very own Mochila this week with all these things in it. Here is another catchy song to help you remember them!

What’s your favourite thing in YOUR backpack?  Why?

Dad Palmadas

This week we have been learning more language for the classroom (para la clase)! We had a lot of fun clapping, learning, and using the ipad to control the whiteboard… magic!

Grades 2-6 had to take turns being the teacher (not as easy as some thought!) and teach their friends some new words.

Prep/1 made a Mochila (backpack) with all the supplies they need for school in it.

Dad palmadas

View another webinar from ainetyrrell

What phrases do you remember? What strategies helped you to remember them?


This week we are reviewing all we learned in the last 2 terms and we can’t believe how much that actually is! We are also adding in some extra fun with colours!

What is your favourite colour?

Como Esta?

This week the Preps Ones and Twos have been reviewing Como Esta y Sentimientos (How are you and Feelings). You would have never known they had two weeks holiday because they remembered all of their Spanish! Here is a song we were practicing today.

Please tell us…. How are you? Como Estas? Contento? Enfadado? Triste?