We are still practicing members of our family and how to introduce ourselves and them! Please click this link to practice some of our introductions.

We found this fantastic song, which has also been helping us.  So many students have loved it, that we are attempting to record our own version.  So please keep practicing and week 3 of Term 3 we will meet at lunch and record the Point Lonsdale version!

 Who is in your family?

2 thoughts on “Familia

  1. Hi guys it’s Jaz
    I wish I was still at that school to learn Spanish again it was so fun, but I learn a language here as well it’s boring and it’s Indonesian. 🙁

    • Great to hear from you Jaz!

      Great you are still learning a language and hope that it becomes more fun as the year goes on! Can you tell us anything else about your new school?

      Keep in touch,
      Mrs Murphy

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