This week we are reviewing all we learned in the last 2 terms and we can’t believe how much that actually is! We are also adding in some extra fun with colours!

What is your favourite colour?

10 thoughts on “Colores

      • Hi Senorita Murphy,

        I’m not sure exactly why I like the colour azul…
        But my favourite shade of azul is turquoise. How whould you say ‘turquoise’ in Spanish?


  1. hola es amy
    Me encanta este sitio web
    mi color favorito tendr├şa que ser de color verde
    Much├şsimas gracias se├▒orita Murphy por ense├▒arnos espa├▒ol
    su divertido
    de amy

    • Hola Amy,

      Me encanta verde tambien, es mi favorito!

      Y de nada, me gusto mucho ense├▒ar espa├▒ol a estudiantes muy entusiastos como los de Pt Lonsdale!

      Se├▒orita Murphy

    • Hola Lucy,

      I wonder where you could find what black and white are? Any ideas?

      As for light and dark that is a bit tricky…
      Oscuro means dark.
      Claro means light.
      BUT in Spanish they come after the colour. In English we say “light green” in Spanish they would say “green light” or “verde claro”.

      Hasta ma├▒ana,
      Se├▒orita Murphy

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