Dos Alumnas Entusiastas!

Us two enthusiastic girls did a power point on Spanish for fun at home. It was fun looking at all the pictures and finding more information about Spain. We hope you enjoy it very much!!!

Tiff and Molly
(Grade 4)

Let us know if you liked it and if you know more.

4 thoughts on “Dos Alumnas Entusiastas!

  1. Hola Tiff and Molly,

    thankyou for this awesome power point on Spain. You both have done an outstanding job showing us what a beautiful place Spain is.
    I really was impressed I don’t think I could have done this power point as good as you girls did. 🙂

    Do you think that one day you might like to visit Spain?

    You girls rock! great work and thank you for sharing it with us all.
    From AA.

  2. Hola chicas;
    Wow¡¡¡¡ your Powerpoint is Awesome¡¡¡¡
    I can see you are really interested in learning spanish, and that you have learnt already many things
    Congrats¡¡¡ Muy bien 🙂

  3. Yes AA, they really have done a fantastic job! And I never even asked them to do it! They just love Spanish so much!

    Lucy, we must get you to write a blog post soon as well! You are so great at commenting!

    Hope your holidays are going well Miss Garcia.

    Señorita Murphy

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